The EURORECKD aims to organise an international meeting every second year. Organisers of national and international meetings are welcome to ask for support from the EURORECKD by applying to the general secretary of the admnistrative council and sending a preliminary programme.




EURORECKD participated in a Transplantoux symposium entitled “Incorporating regular physical activity/exercise training in people with CKD and kidney replacement therapy” in the Transplantoux
2024 International ‘Time to move’ Symposium, 10 February 2024, in Leuven Belgium.

Annually at the ERA-EDTA congress a section on Renal Rehabilitation


“Quality of life in Chronic Kidney Disease”,

Thessaloniki 16.4.2019



“Quality of life in Chronic Kidney Disease”

Thessaloniki 17.5.2017



“Role of physical fitness in CKD patients”,
25-28.6.2010, XLVII ERA-EDTA Congress, Munich, Germany


5th International Congress

“Quality of life in Chronic Kidney Disease”, 13-14.2.2009,
Thessalonki, Greece

4th International Congress

“Risk Factors and Quality of life in Chronic Kidney Disease”,
9-11.3.2006, Thessalonki, Greece


3rd International Congress

“Quality of life in End-Stage Renal Disease”,
19-20.3.2004, Thessalonki, Greece


Symposium of British Society of Nephrology,
2003, Birmingham, UK


2nd International Congress

“Quality of life in End-Stage Renal Disease”,
8-9.3.2002, Thessalonki, Greece

Deutsche Fachkonferenz Rehabilitationssport fur chronisch Nierenkranke,
27-29.9.2002, Essen, Germany

Rehabilitationssport fur chronisch Nierenkranke,
29.9.2002, Dusseldorf, Germany

Deutsche Fachkonferenz Rehabilitationssport bei chronisch Nierenkranken,
7-9.9.2001, Essen, Germany


1st International Congress

“Quality of Life in End-Stage Renal Disease”,
15-16.5.1999, Thessaloniki, Greece


CME course at the ERA-EDTA congress,
31.5.2014-3.6.2014, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Master Class session on ‘Physical exercise in CKD patients: Good for everyone?,
20.5.2013, ERA-EDTA 50th Congress, Istanbul, Turkey


CME Course at the ERA-EDTA Congress 10-13.2008, Stockholm, Sweden